In order to add your Facebook profile or Facebook fanpage to our system you need to head over to the ‘’add page’’ section in your account. Click on the Add Page button and then you will be taken to a new area where you can select which type of page or profile you would like to add. If you want to get Facebook Followers/Subscribers then under the type section click the drop down menu and select ‘Facebook Subscribers’. After that simply copy and paste your facebook profile URL in the box, add a cool title and then select how many coins you want to give away per person who subscribers/follows you. Once you have done that then press the add page button. All done!
Adding your twitter accounts to get followers is straight forward.

Navigate to the Social Accounts section of the site by clicking the link on the left. Once there simply click the Twitter button in the window.
Enter your Twitter account in the window and then click Submit.

Once you have added your account you can then edit how many coins you would like to pay (CPC) for each follower, you can also edit your targeting by changing the country and gender to the desired countries and genders you would like to get followers from.
To buy coins you will need to add money to your account balance, you can do this simply by clicking on the small money sack or balance next to Account Balance on the left hand side of the site. Once you have money in your account you can simply navigate to the buy coins page and buy your desired package and the payment will be taken from your onsite balance.
Coins are your currency on our website. For every person you like or follow, you will be given coins from that person. For every person who likes or follows you, you will lose coins. Its an exchange system which allows you to gain likes and followers if you have points
There are three ways to earn points
1) Follow and Like people on our system and you will be rewarded with coins
2) Buy Coins- We have a fantastic store where you can simply buy coins without having to do anything. Once you have bought them you can sit back and relax while 1000’s of people like and follow you.
3) Promote our system to your friends via your personal affiliate link and get points for every person who signs up with your link.
You first must have enough money in your onsite account. If you do not know how to add to your balance please see How do I buy Coins/Add balance in the FAQ. Once you have funded your account, head over to the VIP Membership page, here you can select how long you wish to be a VIP and then click buy, the money will then be taken directly from your onsite balance.
This is to keep the economy of the site even, if all coins stayed out in the system we would end up with a over flowing amount of coins spread across users on the site making the site saturated